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Wish List

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  • Dog Food
  •  1st Choice - Pedigree
  • 2nd choice Purina Chow

  • Senior and Overweight Food

  • Adjustable Dog Collars

  • Dog Toys: Durable chew toys for med. and lrg. dogs - Please no toys with sewn on "eyes or noses that the dogs can chew off & swallow.  

         "2-snap training harnesses - All Sizes Needed

  •  LITTER  (We ALWAYS need litter)
         (non-clumping litter, can be purchased at Wal-Mart)

  • Dry Cat Food: Purina - All varieties with no color

  • Dry Kitten Food: Purina - All varieties with no color

  • Wet Cat Food:   All Brands - Pate Only                     (no shredded please)

  • Senior and Overweight Food: Purina:

  •  Purina “Whisker Lickens" Treats                                                      

  • Catnip

  • Cat Toys​

  • Litter Scoopers

  • Bleach "Disinfecting" Kills 99 % of germs. No "Whitening" - We always need bleach for laundry and disinfecting throughout the shelter.

  • Laundry Soap - Our washer and dryer go 12 hours a day to make sure we have clean bedding for all our pets.

  • Dish Soap - prefer Dawn

  • Paper Towels

  • Heavy Duty Rag Mop Heads​

  • Double-sided Mop Buckets​

  • Heavy Duty Trash Bags 35 Gal. Size

  • New Copy Paper

  •  File Folders - Standard Size

  • Two Pocket Paper Folders

  • ​Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Balls                   (for our clinic)
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