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Wish List

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  • Dog Food
  •  1st Choice - Pedigree
  • 2nd choice Purina Chow

  • Senior and Overweight Food

  • Adjustable Dog Collars

  • Dog Toys: Durable chew toys for med. and lrg. dogs - Please no toys with sewn on "eyes or noses that the dogs can chew off & swallow.  

         "2-snap training harnesses - All Sizes Needed

  • Raised Feeders and Kong Chew Toys

  •  LITTER  (We ALWAYS need litter)
         (non-clumping litter, can be purchased at Wal-Mart)
  • Dry Cat Food: Purina - All varieties with no color
  • Dry Kitten Food: Purina - All varieties with no color
  • Wet Cat Food:   All Brands - Pate Only                     (no shredded please)
  • Senior and Overweight Food: Purina:
  •  Purina “Whisker Lickens" treats                                           
  • Cat Scratching posts
  • Cat Toys

  • Bleach "Disinfecting" Kills 99 % of germs. No "Whitening" - We always need bleach for laundry and disinfecting throughout the shelter.

  • Laundry Soap - Our washer and dryer go 12 hours a day to make sure we have clean bedding for all our pets.

  • Dish Soap - prefer Dawn

  • Paper Towels

  • Heavy Duty Rag Mop Heads​

  • Double-sided Mop Buckets​

  • Heavy Duty Trash Bags 35 Gal. Size

New Copy Paper 
File Folders - Standard Size
Two Pocket Paper Folders
Postage Stamps
Printer Ink - Black & Color - Epson
XP-400 and Canon mx420

Note: We can always use miscellaneous items like
paperclips, sticky notes, phone message pads, etc.
Thank You for Your Support!
We can't do it without your help, so please...
We are looking to add some furniture items to our cat colony and kitten rooms. We would like to have a few attractive used or new plastic outdoor chairs or loveseats to provide more sitting space for visitors.

We would a like to have a small child's table and chairs for our younger visitors in the kitten room. 
It's Still Kitten Season !
Last year we took in 162 kittens during kitten season. This year we expect even more. Many of the kittens are newborns and will need bottle feeding. We need:
  • KMR Powered Kitten Formula
  • "Baby Cat" dry and canned cat food for kittens

Note: These two items can be purchased at PetSmart, Petco, and Chow Down Pet Supplies. 
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