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​Notify neighbors and search areas thoroughly, especially in the evening as many pets become frightened and hide in the daytime. Door-to-door canvassing may provide leads as well. Always be sure leave your phone number and address.  A
​Look for identification. A name/identification tag can lead you directly to the owner. Rabies tags and shelter tags also have traceable numbers. If there are no identification tags, consider taking the animal to a vet or shelter that has a microchip scanner, to check for an implanted microchip. 
What To Do If You Lose  A Pet
What To Do If You Have Found A Pet
 Lost Dogs and Cats

Lost and Found Pets
Have You Lost or Found  a Pet?

​First, be sure and check with Mesa County Animal Services (MCAS) at:  (970) 242-4646 or check their interactive website.

E-mail us a picture and description and we will post it on this site for 30 days for free.

A great tool to utilize is Mesa County Lost and Found Pets on Facebook. 
After Hours Drop Off  
If you have found a pet before or after business hours, you may drop him or her off at our drop off kennels in front of our main entrance. To gain access to the kennels you must call the number on the sign and follow the instructions. These strays will go to MCAS to help find their owners.
E-mail information and picture
How Not to Lose Your Cat
Go to the Animal Shelters that serves your area as soon as possible and be sure to bring a current photograph of  your pet. It is very important that you come in person to look through the kennels at least every three (3) days after filing a
Lost or Found a Pet?  
Just send us a picture of the  Lost or Found Pet and we will put it here. See information below for what to include with your picture of the lost or found pet. Picture and info will be kept on the website for 30 days unless notified that your lost pet has been found or the found pet has been returned.
When e-mailing or bringing in pictures and information about lost or found pets, please include the following information:

  • Species - Dog or Cat and Breed, and whether male or female
  • Name of Pet
  • Date and Time Lost or Found 
  • Location Lost or Found - include major cross streets
  • Name and Phone Number of Owner or Person Finding the Pet
We can't do it without your help, so please...
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Download the app, 'Find Rover' for free on your smart phone!  A facial recognition technology that can hopefully bring an end to hours of hanging posters and knocking on door to door. Please watch this short video to learn about this new app. 

LOST  9/06/14
Missing cat, Nova but he goes by Mitter also. He is pure black and has a red tint to his head in the light with yellow eyes. He is an inside/outside cat that has not been seen in 3 days and that is not normal for him. We live right off of redcliff drive and highway 340. Last seen on Saturday. My name is Melissa Jackson and my phone number is 970-361-7445.
Missing black, male short hair cat. He is about 11-12 years old. Missing around 9/12 from near I and 25 roads. He is all black except for a scant of white at the tip of his tail. He also has a little bit of hair missing from his back that was starting to grow in. He has yellow eyes!  Contact Laura Fox at  970-270-7653
LOST 9/12/2014 
LOST  10/02/14
Lost male tabby mix cat. He is 20 years old, declawed in the front, and missing his two upper fang teeth. He goes by "The Boy" He went missing from 32 and D Road the morning of 10/2/14. My name is Cailey and my phone number is (970) 314-8167 
LOST  10/17/14
My 5 year old mane coon has gone missing! From 28 ½ rd and Patterson area. He is a big cat, grey and black striped, long hair, his name is diesel but answers to meow meow. Call Labor Etc., Inc.
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We can't do it without your help, so please...